When using the assistance of our service you can be entirely certain about its quality since every last client is incredibly important for us. Before beginning to fill in the order form, it may be a wise decision to learn more about some options you have the right to, like a money back guarantee, which we think would give you more confidence in our service. It will allow us to work comfortably and with no problems.

Due to our company’s consistency and solid reputation, our customers almost never require a refund. Bear in mind, among many services we provide our clients with we have an option of free revision too.

If the situation you’ve got corresponds the instances outlined down below, you can surely expect a refund. Make sure you take notice of the fact that based on the details of your order the refund might be partial or full.

100% refund

  1. Two identical orders instead of one
    In case you have made two orders which are the same, make sure that you speak to our support staff because it is very important to inform us straight away. If the writer has been chosen, and our specialist is already working on your assignment, receiving a 100 % refund is impossible. For this reason, we recommend our clients to make their orders attentively to avoid such an accident.
  2. Customer had cancelled their order before we appointed a suitable writer
    In such a case, a 100 % refund is definitely available. If we haven’t assigned a specialist by the time you cancel the order, you will always receive a 100 % refund without any problems.
  3. When our company cannot find a suitable specialist
    We hire only writers skilled enough to cope with orders of various academic and complexity levels, but it is possible that there won’t be any matching writers because we’ve got a seriously high workload, or/and the ordered paper is very demanding when it comes to specific knowledge on a tricky subject matter.
  4. The customer was charged twice
    Even though we carefully check all the bills and orders, double-billing can happen, but very rarely. Having noticed that you were charged twice for one order – you just need to tell our customer support team about the accident. In such cases, the receipts copies would be the most crucial condition to receiving your money back.

Partial refund

The client has a possibility to receive a part of their money back in the next situations:

  1. Issues with timely order delivery
    Sometimes, as a result of various unpredictable complications, it might be quite tricky to cope with timely order delivery. Fortunately, these situations happen incredibly rarely. We discuss the amount of refund individually with every single buyer since it’s affected by different aspects. Sometimes even client’s actions or non-actions could unintentionally result in an overshot deadline. For example, a delayed upload of necessary materials may slow down the author. In situations like this, the money-back option shall not be available. Don’t forget to attach all the needed files promptly. It will make certain that your writer produces a first-rate paper for you without any delays.
  2. The processing of your assignment has been started, but you would like to cancel your order
    In such a case, you can expect a refund of around 70% to pay for the writer’s work. But it is reduced to a 50% refund when the time left to the due date is half of the total time determined or less.
  3. Post-submission claims
    Let our manager know your comments concerning the final result, and we’ll do our best to solve any difficulties. In case it is really our fault, and your complaints are justifiable, we’ll give you a partial refund according to the circumstances. However, these situations are extremely rare as we always strive to satisfy all your requirements.
  4. Found plagiarism in your paper?
    It’s possible to notify us about any data used in your paper, which have been put to use without proper referencing. It would help us refine the uniqueness of our works, and you, in return, would be given a partial refund or revision .

No refund

  1. You received a mark which does not match your expectations
    We do our best to provide our customers only with remarkable works, but, unfortunately, those cannot always guarantee the highest mark, because it generally is determined by your professor’s or teacher’s discretion and your own expertise on the topic (e.g. if you have to defend it).
  2. You asked us to proofread, format or edit
    We gladly supply our clients with various improving services, but we believe it is necessary to highlight that we by no means alter the content material of the given paper. While working with such tasks, we only polish the shape of your prepared material and cannot change its content.

Money-back process

When we confirm that your request for a refund is well-founded, it will take no longer than five workdays for your money to be given back. We would like to underline that our service is not liable for the issues associated with any other companies involved (e.g. banks).

We offer our clients the money-back option only in cases when its sum is larger than 10 USD; otherwise, it’s just impossible because of fees requested for the money transfer. In other cases, we can offer you to put the money on your personal account so that you can use it for potential orders.