What Cookies Are

To put it simply, cookies are data files that are stored on your laptop, mobile phone and other devices with an internet connection.
Cookies contain data about your visits whenever you open sites via your browsing software.

Cookies help us to improve our website depending on your needs.
They help boost the quality of your experience, for example, allow you to stay in the system as long as you may need or make the navigation more intuitive.

Any kind of decisions related to deleting or deactivating cookies are only made by you.
You are able to delete these files if you don’t want us to utilize, gather or send them.
However, if you deactivate cookies, our site may malfunction on your laptop or computer.

Types of Cookies That Are Used

We make use of session and persistent cookies. Session ones are kept only while your internet browser is active.
They keep track of your earlier page activity, for instance, if you purchased anything on the site or not.
Persistent cookies are kept even if you closed the internet browser; they are also called permanent cookies.

Things that cookies let us do

The order form on our web-site won’t work properly without the cookies.
You will not have the ability to place an order keeping them turned off.

Furthermore, we require them if:

  • there is a necessity to remember the of an order
  • you want to be logged in for a specific interval
  • we need to track the usage of our plagiarism checking software
  • our clients need support (we use the live chat to for this purpose)
  • there is a need to check visitors’ activity via Google Analytics

Other companies aren’t involved with our work

We utilize these files during order placing when the client is required to pay for our services.
We do not discuss any sort of private information with any third parties that do not take part in the activities associated with your order, like doing the assignments or delivering the paper.

Cookies managing

Cookies removal is generally the main cause of incorrect functionality of the site, which can mess up your browsing experience.
In case you really wish to disable them, it is possible through web browser controls.
Locate the help section in the web browser menu for the guidelines.